Comedy Openmic Round #13 - "When your Girlfriend leaves you alone at home" by @jonsnoww

in #comedyopenmic5 years ago

When your Girlfriend leaves you alone at home

Hello my dear friends!!! Today I want to show you the things I do when my girlfriend is not at home xD

I am excited to see that every week the COM grows more and more. . . Greetings to all those people who work hard for this contest

@dj123 , @idikuci . @buttcoins , @take5 , @bitfiend ...
I forgot someone? I Love you guys!!

I nominate to @temistocles123 and @betavirosis (my queen of dragon!)


That's some musical diversity you have there.

jejeje yeah!!.. i hear music of all types

Woo amigo tienes buen talento como comediante saludos desde venezuela :)

gracias mi camarada!.. animate en este concurso tambien.!

Woo amigo la verdad no tienes chat discord para que me ayudes y expliques quiero salir adelante en esta red me puedes ayudar explicarme como participar en ese concurso y otros ? No entiendo muy bien.

Aqui te paso el Link para el servidor en Discord de Comedyopenmic

This is shockingly very mature. Most guys would just masturbate, glad there's still ssne guys out here

hahahaha ... what to masturbate ?? the best thing is to dance hehehehehe

Dargon Ballllllllllllllllllllll

Dios mio... hasta con superpoderes. jajaja Me hicistes reir!

jajajajaja la vida secreta de los hombrs

It was great, makes me laugh

jajaja muy bueno! Suerte amigo @jonsnoww

Gracias @omars !!! por cierto vi tu entrada del Indigente jajajajajaja.. demasiado bueno.. suerte en el COME

Oye si.. no me esperaba ese premio, ahora me estoy creyendo que tengo talento de actor jajaja hasta la próxima!!!

Lo tienes bien merecido xD !!! . ..Suerte en esta nueva Ronda!

The movement will make your girlfriend laugh.

hahahah are magical movements



Good one though

hahahha thanks!!!

Very funny indeed, I guess dats nice by you.

Haha... i normally just get high and have my hands down my pants!

hahahahahahaha... of course!!! the Holy sacrament!

AH HAA, you made me laugh. 😂😂

Excelent!!! xD

You were supposed to slide at the end, but you fell.

Dancing is not all I do when the wife is gone. I sit too.

jajajajaaj my slide is too bad .. my teacher was Sub-zero jejejee

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