Comedy open Mic Round #14 - "The Escape" by @jonsnoww

in #comedyopenmic5 years ago

The Escape

The greatest escape in history. Do not be fooled by the vegetables in your refrigerator, they are killer machines that seek freedom.

In this chance i want nominate and invite to the contest @guitartech and @winizart


haha...i need to go eat my vegies now!

hahahahahahaha don't do that if you wanna live hahahaha

hey jonsnoww, congrats you won lucky door

psss...there was some error on the blockchain and a delay transmission that didn't go through caused a double, it's not your anyone's fault, but please send back the duplicate so we can keep paying out prizes for COM and COME for as long as possible

Ok dj... ill do... Thanks for support me!! ..


well, the onion hero picks up the girl.. or gets picked up in this case.. sounds like hollywood material.

hhhhhha un final Epico jejejeee!!!.. me alegra que te haya gustado Camarada!

hajahjhjahja, nuevo nivel de mmgvada desbloqueado.

hahahahaaha CSM contigo..!!.. @guitartech

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no puedo contigo

jejejje.. xD

I like it. This is like Cheech and Chong meets vegetales.

gagahahahahaha i´m glad you like it

Ha ha, this made me chuckle so much. Freedom for all vegetables... lets stop the senseless killing! 😂 😉

Our Flag is "Freedom for all Vegetables" xD - thanks for comment bro.


Una historia épica que no sabíamos que ocurría en nuestras cocinas xD

jajajaja como no lo vi antes


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