Comics of Professor Po - 3 Encounters #1 (Comedy Open Mic Round # 24)

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Prof. P0
Distinguished Professor of Common sense, Good Manners and Domestic Courtesy

Some of the most interesting people to meet, are professors, so much knowledge, so much wisdom, so much experience. This Comic series celebrates the times of Professor Po

1. The shortest conversation,

Professor Po Inspires the world's shortest conversation, and enters the Guinness book of Records.

You are inside a toilet, and just as the plop drops, the Professor opens the door without knocking

You: Ah!

Him: Oh! (5) (6).gif

2. A miraculous escape

You know how Physics lectures can be boring! Cramming all those laws, Argh! half the time you are dozing during lectures. The good thing you are back bencher, Professor Po with his old eyes can't see that far!

But as occasionally happens with life, a day comes, and your luck runs out. Whether or not your mischievous neighbor tipped off the professor, it doesn't matter, now he calls you out, jerking you from dreamland with a question whose answer you don't know:

Professor: What is the unit of power equivalent to a joule called? (7) (2).png

3. A good speech

Unsure how long your next speech should be!? Well, ask Professor Po!

A good speech is like a mini-skirt! It must be Short enough to arouse interest, but long enough to cover the subject!

This is my entry into Round 24 of the Open Mic Comedy contest.

I nominate @okusarobert and @moeknows

Much LOVE. Larmbert

Otherwise, this is only a comic series, names or places if mentioned, are fictional, and do not refer to any particular person

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Hmmmm....@belemo, this is Prof. Po. Do i know you!? Only my students in the college of Good manners and Courtesy call me by that title DOPE- Distinguished one, Emeritus Professor!

Hi ebitularmbert,

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Hey! This is Professor Po. Thank you! I will definately be joining the Discord University. I Am glad opening the door to the toilet without knocking has not spoilt my CV!!

is it really so essential for the mini skirt to fully cover the subject?


Very essential, something must be left to the imagination!