The loner- Comedy open Mic Round 15

in comedyopenmic •  6 months ago

You know when you love someone so much, you feel like you have a connection. You think alike and are never without the other. Kai and I were like that. It was like we were tied together by fate. We walked many paths and spent the winter together. Luckily our boss was careless and didn't try anything funny. But then he got told off by his girlfriend for slacking off.

So it began. We were going on a mission.

I could hear the machine preparing for our arrival. Grunting ominously, I looked at Kai, he seemed apprehensive. Would we make it past this mission? Where others like us have failed. Before we could overthink, we were thrown into the deep end. The water overwhelmed us, and everything started spinning. Kai and I were trying to hold on but the force was too much.

I came out of the mission machine, alone.

It socks to be me!


I nominate @therosepatch and @phedizzle to make a funny entry for COM.

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it doesn't come in a pair cos your boyfriend uses it for wanking


why do you know so much about this?

This is so touching. Love in spin cycle. I heard of a lot of laundry mat romances but this one socks!!


No holes in this joke. Very clever. At least you don't smell bad anymore.


About that...


You changed your profile pic. I could barely recognize you.


I got tired of rapist Patrick Star Fish

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A love story with more meaning than the Titanic hahahahaha

This is the most complex dad joke I've had the pleasure of meeting :P

Play no sad songs and shed no tears. Just see it as a magical time of rebirth. What kind of sock karma is headed your way? Will the next life be a beloved sock monkey? Maybe a funny sock puppet. If you were really bad a dust mitt.