How to Draw - Comedy Open Mic round 20

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Today I'll share my non existent artistic talent with you and give you nightmares about human anatomy.

Human Anatomy is a fascinating subject, capturing it is tough. But you need to look at the beauty of curves like the double chin, the colours of redness around the eyes and the lines left behind by the bra on your body.

Look in the mirror, and em draw three circles, this is called pointillism.

Okay that looks like Hitler's moustache. Seriously guys I hadn't meant for it to be a portrait but I'm effortlessly good.

Next we draw the torso with boobs and a navel. Remember we have to be accurate

Wow that looks like two faces together. Although have you met a person with a square face, what's the deal with that.

Based on my 5 minute career as an artist, I have a tip for drawing hair. Make the figure of 6.

Draw two Ls jutting out the body. These are the arms. Not guns and shit but normal er arms.
Pro tip: Make the person wear mittens so you dont have to draw the fingers. Give the finger to fingers.

I used Adobe Illustrator and and a kindergarten book called my first drawing for this.

I nominate @veryspider (I’m her art mentor, no biggie) and @kennyvaldez aka Stalky to make a funny art entry for Comedy Open Mic


hurts my eyes starting at this for too long seriously

This is literally compost(no acronym)

i have searched for a tutorial of this caliber for years. wow...i feel like a door has just opened in my life!

My lord, now you make me want to draw again.. You are so incredibly talented @diebitch .. You are such a big inspiration here for me to get my pencils out and start making "Die Bitch's" instead of van Gogh's !

maybe introduce your own tag.. for the most talented people that admire your style!

Your five minute career in drawing is giving me seriously close to one hour laughter you know hahahaha

Looks like the woman on Versace.

hahaha we must have had the same Art Teacher :)

Can you believe I'm self taught

Hahahaha, you are a way better drawer than I am. I had no idea about the hair.

Bring on lesson 2.

that is like.... a masterpiece .... !!!

LIKE THE ELBOWS.... the PERFECTLY 90o...... like INCREDIBLE~ how are such elbows even possible !!!! @diebitch is clearly a MAESTRO GENIUS TENSAI ARTISTE !


uh... ok i shall try to rise to this challenge.... SOMEHOW

quietly tries to hide under a rock

I know you can do it!

Oh common. You need to use the tag #nsfw for posts like this. This is explicit nudity not a child's coloring book.

You can't unsee it

It took me about 30 college hours at $120 a credit, plus books, to do what you've done here.

Money well spent

The strokes of the hair are incredible! i had never thought of that technique! Charu is really a Jedi Master!

and the pointillism!

Pointillism is your favorite technique! Show me how to make such perfect dots! xD

These are all great tips, especially the mittens. I might implement some of them ^_~. Thank you, great art mentor.


Happy to help! You can make boxing gloves too

Darn, all that stress trying to draw hands! If only I'd seen this sooner. Mittens for the save.

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