Memes - Comedy Open Mic Round # [19]

I nominate @lilacse and @silverd510 because I can.

I want to enter but I don't have the next part of my story done quite yet. So, today I'm just dropping some funny Memes:

This is me when I am considering the 50/50 or 100% maturation option.

Which would you take?

This one made me feel bad doing this to Captn. Picard.

Poor Choices

This is what happens when you question a Villain...

The "Utility Belt", huh?

So then I start to read the dumb Presidential Tweets while sitting in the sun...

Forgot Sunscreen

This one speaks for itself.

Would the Real Oprah agree?

How new Steemians react to Steemit.


Thanks for laughing at my Memes. All captions are @OriginalWorks of fictionalized humor.


Shame Trumps tweets aren't on a blockchain and immortalised forever...

That would be a bad idea because they would take up too much room on the Blockchain!

Batman's belt is an optical illusion.

It's bigger on the inside ok!

It is a Sonic Belt? Awesome!!! KAPOWWWW!

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