Meme Contest 3 - Make Meme, Win SBD

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Are you addicted to memes? Waiting for a COMeme contest?

Comedyopenmic is here to give you your fix!



  • Meme the photo below and post it in the comments only.
  • Two entries per account.
  • You can add up to 2 small “props” in the meme as pasted images.
  • Support your fellow entrants and COM.


  • First Place: 6 SBD for best the meme voted by COM judges.
  • Second Place: 3 SBD
  • Third Place: 1 SBD

Meme This Pic


Click Here to Meme this pic.
This is the easiest Meme contest on steemit! All you need are the words, the above link will help you meme.

Quality entries will get an upvote from our community account, so please help us in return by upvoting and resteeming this post so we can continue to fund future prizes and grow out community.

Please follow @comedyopenmic for more fun contests.
Go bananas!

Special thanks to @diebitch and @steemmatt for organising this contest

We are sorry for the late result posting but here are the fantastic meme gods/goddesses from our last contest

1st one is begging for a prize

2nd is a heavy entry

3rd is very festive

We look forward to the new entries!







Way too specific!!

That was my first thought 😅

Meme Entry 02.jpg

Ah ha, this is f$#king awesome :D


You are beautiful souls @comedyopenmic thanks for running the competition and no need to apologise for the late announcing of the entrants either. Thank you to the judges for deeming my entry first place worthy, it feels great.

I am going to take another stab at this competition again because the last one was fun and challenging. The small image size made it a real challenge to caption, but I tried.


Glad to have you here, You can drop in our server for some fun

Meme Entry 01.jpg

And my 2nd one, hopefully those 2 get a movie together.




When you doubt the manliness of your uncle michael.





2nd Entry:



My entry #1 ☺.

Deadpool meme 1.jpg

Entry 1

meme 1.jpg

dp gif.gif

@linnyplant I finally did it, now you can stop pestering me kekeke jk.
Here is my attempt to partake in a COM contest. I'm too old for memes lol it took me some time to create it. Was this how my parents felt when they tried to learn a new technology?

Yeah its really exciting having a memes contest.. thAt is a incredable job keep it going support is always with you..
Have a goodluck.

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Please do not waste your time (with the ego at 1000%)

Looking forward to it.

Gold diggers will do everything for that money
even cosplay as deadpool

what do you use for adding baby props in your picture

@soumon I randomly googled 'Meme/Gif generator online' I'm sure it's giphy! ;)

second entry


Hahaha are the best, they always make me the best super day, steemit must place the option on the platform to be able to choose accounts as highlighted so that they appear in first option in our history

now it's time for the massacre, if you're ready for the memes

I don't meme to be meme, but I meme what I say.

My entry #2 ☺.

Deadpool meme 2.jpg

Mi primera entrada

My first entry

By yonilkar.jpg

My second entry

by yonilkar 2.jpg

My entry 2:

woops, i don't know if the contest is still on after 4 days, but here is my first entry. More contests like this please.

deadpool - Copie (2).jpg