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Comedy Open Mic Week week# 20
Married life is like a harsh tasting cocktail. You drink it...but it makes your face go a bit funny.

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i nominate @erodedthoughts and @techcoderx


So love this. ❤️ I’m with your wife, stop wasting her emotional energy by stuffing your face with crackers and watching tv. Like, go take an exercise break and go wash the dishes! Lolololol

well... lets not forget these are characters. i personally love washing dishes... so relaxing... flowing water and the tink tink of the plates. in this house a plate barely hits the sink before im right there washing it... if i were a super hero i would be called capt. Shine


This is not the buttcoins household reality?!

You do not sit at home all day eating crackers, watching tv, with your hand down your pants while the dishes pile up?!

I hope that really is Mrs buttcoins at least?! I’m a fan of the funny aggrieved wife. ❤️

Well, now that you’ve outted yourself as Capt. Shine, I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’m loving the vids. Who wants to watch Mr Sensible, when we can watch Mr Hopeless-and-slightly crazy in action. ;)

Why do the dishes when cleaner is coming the next day? Makes no sense to me.

exactly... always sweating the small stuff

Right. They're just going to get dirty again anyway.

too true... its like we live in the modern like our responsibility to recycle plates before wasting precious water. it not just about our about our kids kids. i really just care about the future.

You make a great point... Marriage is the problem... :))
Good to see you again, I was missing it..

ah thanks... yeah... things got a bit hectic..but all back to norms...
yeah... gotta be careful with these marriages.... i mean....'until death do us part" the signs have been there from the get go

That's only if ur CATholic...

yes CAT o holics are scary too... surrounding yourself by so many predatory pussy cats is creepy.

How do I vote you the butt?

well i am the butt... but maybe if you vote me...i get bigger

I hope your butt gets bigger for votes others tiny butts.

Great job my friend... i like your video.

thanks gabo...i watched your today too...i enjoyed

I been drinkin' that cocktail for forty years/ Now I know why I look this way.

it certainly sneaks up on ya... how many cocktails have i drank this life!

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Lol, dishes are not my thing! Mine either, this was a really entertaining video!

listen to your wifey... just do it! ;)

Haha... I don't like doing dishes, too, especially when I've got some pretty good crackers. Lol.

Nice message: Marriage is a beautiful thing, but then, demanding.

Dude. Eating crackers is hard work! Washing up is really hard work, multitasking is even harder lol.

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