The Ugly Truth: COM12 SECOND RANT

in comedyopenmic •  5 months ago

I haven't really had time for myself lately. Its gotten so bad that I've even been masturbating, my day job has ruined everything.
Life comes at us really fast, I remember back in college, I use to be the broke guy that didn't get none, at least not from the girls I wanted. With all due respect to every girl I fucked with, let's be honest, if not for guys like me, you'd still be virgins; we should be applauded for going to spaces no one wants to. Kinda like astronauts.
Anyways, a lot has changed lately, I've got a little money in my pocket so I meet cool girls, I buy them stuff, lure them to my place but still don't get laid. I suddenly miss being with the uglies.
The uglies, for all that they aren't, will at least make a man feel better than he is, little wonder men marry pretty wives but end up cheating with one ugly ratchet person around the corner. I'm going back to basics, get yourself an ugly bitch today.
I nominate @samrich and @jerrybanfield to tell us their ugly hoe story.

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I've been told birds of a feather, enjoy each others company.


I was also told that unlike poles attract 🤔

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bloody nerves youve got buddy.


the truth has been known to be bitter :p