Neymar's fall down attempt - Comedy Open Mic Round # 19

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Neymars funny attempt of foul!

We all knows Neymar is World class footballer from Brazil team. He is now playing for PSG Club. He paid the highest deal from psg club.
#We should go to the funny point of him that, when he get the ball into his leg then he shows his dribbling skills and kick the ball into the goal-post. But sometimes,when he run with the ball and understand that this is the best time to get free-kick or penalty by foul then the opponent team player just touch him then he fall down like that the opponent player hit him so strongly. That time his reaction is awesome to see.
This is so funny thing of him. Yesterday he does the same thing with Costa- Rica team.
He is so clever to get fall down. He got an yellow card yesterday for his reaction.
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I nominated @sanjibking and @aaarif to join the @comdeyopenmic contest : 19


you are right. he is so clever player

Thank fuck for VAR. We'll get less of them silly antics

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Good player, but he's an ass sometimes.

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