The Going Out Game: Comedy Open Mic #16: Entry 2

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Imagine a man standing in an entryway near the exit door to his home. He has on his shoes, a hat, and a jacket. He listens...

His wife has gone from the bathroom, back to the bedroom, and is again rummaging through the closet.

Minutes later, she is back in the bathroom. The man looks at his watch and sighs.

Outside, the sun is dull and darkening. Rain. The man checks his belongings: wallet, keys, handkerchief...

The bathroom door opens. The wife goes back to the bedroom, rummages through the closet once more, then returns to the bathroom.

The man jostles his set of keys and sighs.

Minutes later, a hair dryer begins its low whine in the bathroom.

The man curses his life and kicks off his shoes. He re-enters the home, sits on the couch, and opens his handheld smartphone to check on the weather. Suddenly, like a wraith, his wife is standing before him, frazzled and tense, and says, "I'm ready to go," in a scolding teacher's voice, "I'm waiting for you."

Knocking on the door of @eradicator and @nerdnews as nominations for this humor contest. Thank you.

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There is a twang of bitter life expierence in that.

Either the joke speaks to you, or you are the wife.

he should really get a Steem account ..... at least when he dies he'll leave behind an inheritance from the years of productivity from salvaging all his wasted waiting minutes into crypto

Well at least she didn't say she's ready to come

Disqualified from COM entry for being too accurate. Where's the joke?

It's one of those new-fangled humor entries where the joke is on the guy writing it down.

Thank you for the story I know so well. These stories are painful and I still don't know what the lesson is to be learned. I summed it up in three words, "You are right." That is the only way to survive. I had a good laugh in understanding but I don't think my wife would find this funny.

The responses to this piece suggest we are not alone. Take what comfort you can from that.

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Lol, this person is I, haha

BDSM in print.

Hilarious, but she really did think she was fast. Only went back and forth the bathroom 5 times

I almost cried