Grab 'Em By The Flat Earth (Surreal Comedy Skit)

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a surreal comedy skit about the Flat Earth debate, the horrors of the pharmaceutical industry, the nightmare that is the GMO food biz, and other things. A brand of red pill humor I like to call 'conscious comedy'. All music and skits written and performed by Xylen Roberts. Originally published July 2017 on YouTube and BitChute.

Songs used:
'Avant Jazz 1' by Mythshifter (unreleased)
'Flat Earth Song' by Xylen Roberts (unreleased as this version but the backing music comes from a previously released Mythshifter instrumental 'Mercury Retrograde Snowstorm Stomp' available here: ('Flat Earth Song' coming soon)
'Sad Existentialist On DXM Blues' by Mythshifter (unreleased)



Record label: Telestic Records

Video sites

Music Soundclouds:
Xylen Roberts (solo singer/rapper/songwriter/production project)
Mythshifter (instrumentals)

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