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The year is 2030. Everyone is a walking cash machine in the form of RFID chips which the elites can turn on and off at leisure if you break any of their rules. Detective Mook is a good cop anti hero fresh faced rookie dog dookie grizzled veteran with a drinking problem in a world he never knew could get so royally fucked by Reptilian Satanic...er, I mean by free speech advocates. And Muslims. And Nazi Pugs. Forget what I said about Reptilian Satanists. They're not real and if you think they are, we will arrest you. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah: The world has been ravaged by Muslims, fascist pugs and rainwater collecting people trying to heal themselves with marijuana instead of harmful radiation. Whatever we tell you to fear basically, and our boys in blue enforce our arbitrary rules. And when they take you down for questioning, the only question they ask will be: "Do you feel lucky, punk?", giving reference to their favorite cop shows that got deeply embedded in their subconscious at a young age, therefore cementing early MK Ultra programming. Detective Mook and his nerdy four eyes baby faced duck billed platypussy pencil dick big black penis transphobic pro trans 85 years and one week from retirement partner Detective Jameson are gonna set things the opposite of straight. Because you're not allowed to be straight anymore. It's pretty much court mandated that not only do you have to be at least 5 variations of alternative sexuality, but you have to file each one on your taxes each year. Same with genders. Go figure. Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh yeah I was advertising some new cop drama, who cares. So yeah these guys are gonna take out the FUCKING TRASH...one Pro-Life lesbian Asian nationalist at a time!!!

"Whachu talkin' about, Xylen?" Oh Gary, my man, my midget. Why, I'm talkin' about Agenda 2030, my friend. Research it. And stay yoke, yo.



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What software do you use to edit and produce this type of material?

Adobe Premier Elements. It cost like 70 bucks and is pretty shitty actually lol. Glitches out all the time. I wanna upgrade.

Steemit has a lot of potential but its unforuntately overcrowded by these Cryptos marketing tools all sucking each others dicks lol. And a lot of the people doing more quality content don't seem to get my style. I think my style of content is too next level and experimental for a lot of people. I have had three people all say they would check my shit out after I complimented/liked their stuff and not a single one did. Assholes. I did however get 39 likes on a music post, which only translated to 75 cents because of my 'lack of steam' lol. I should be a top dog on this platform given the quality and originality of my stuff. Whatever, its bullshit, maybe I'll eventually climb my way up.

oh yeahhhh