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I mean come on! I know fashions come and go, but sometimes, some should be left on the ash heap of history. Among these are obviously, bell bottoms…

Flock of Seagulls haircuts…

And of course plaid knickers.

But of all of these obnoxious articles, there’s one that’s more subversive. More repulsive, and altogether more offenses to the ocular senses.

The Jean Jacket

Look, even Alec Baldwin can’t make it cool.

The problem with it is that it seems like it isn’t that bad. It’s easy to think of plenty of cool people that have worn them over the years. But it doesn’t hold. They don’t stand up, and now matter how hard you try, or how much chest hear you fluff up from out of the collar of it, you’re still a douche.

You can sit on a Harley, or lean against a brick wall, but you’re still just one step away just one step away from getting four of your most harmonious friends and start learning some dance choreography.

And if you’re still on the fence… saying to yourself, no, if you just get the right level of dye, and you’re good looking enough, and talented enough, and rich enough, maybe - just maybe - you can pull it off.

Then I leave you with this:

Am I right?

You tell me.


Generally, this is true. It looks terrible. But if you're hot, you can probably pull it off.

Those are all horrible! I do admit I like a simple Levis jean jacket on a guy (not females). Paired with a simple white tee they give a casual ruggedness that some guys can pull off. But the ones included in the post, god no! Hideous.
*Disclosure, I am gay so we think about fashion way too often, even those of us who aren't interested in fashion. It was in the contract we signed at the ceremony when we were sworn in, got our toaster and agenda packet, and taught the super secret conversion technique.

If worn rightly, it looks good. I know someone who makes a fashion statement with almost anything, Rihanna, Even with a denim jacket.

Same goes for "Jorts" or jean shorts. While we're at it, how in the world did mom jeans come back in style? The worst is mom jeans daisy dukes. Just why?

You're 100% right

One of the best post on Steemit. It is full of comedy. I have made a ever minded post. your uploaded photos are fantastic.

@writesbackwards I strongly disagree.

Fashion is what you wear; Style is how you wear it.

The problem is not the denim, but the wearers instead.

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