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After a very disappointing first round loss in week 1, I came to win this week. First round I had a tough opponent, but really knocked him off his gameplan and had him scrambling. He had good jokes that hit hard, but I was calm and ready for anything he could throw at me.

By the way, his brother is Avery and another comic. He works at TGI Fridays... the rest you should get.

Please realize, that generally I'm a super nice guy and don't say mean things to people. We write these jokes and make fun of each other and the audience loves it.

We love it. We don't mind laughing at ourselves and it is a good way to teach the young comics how to write jokes.

They are a lot of fun and the language is not suitable for younger viewers. I never talk like that in the battle, except when I battle apparently. lol

It felt good to win. The second round I'll post that video soon, but it's getting late.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for all the support on my comedy videos. I love you amazing STEEMONIANS.

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Best joke : "The only way you're going to serve me is if I go to TGI Fridays!"

But I think the real reason you won wasn't your jokes. It was your attitude.

Where your opponent was nervous, and kept repeating himself, you confidently paused to let your words burn. Where your opponent tried to cover his nervousness, by getting phony shouty, with no real emotion, you delivered your real emotions with a lascerating drollness, that reminded me of Steven Wright.

Attitude is everything in comedy, I think. :)


Awesome, man! Thank you! I really appreciate it. I think you are right, attitude plays a major role. The TGI fridays line hit the best. I kinda pieced that together at the last minute with a few other little jokes.
Thanks for the great reply and review! I really appreciate it. You got a new follower!!! Thanks again.


Aww, thank you so much. I can tell you're a comedian, cos you just followed someone with an empty blog lol.

But seriously, I've watched a lot of comedians, live and on film, and confidence and attitude always underlie greatness.

The confidence is necessary because without it, the audience loses faith in you, and starts to cringe. But it's the attitude that engages the audience, where they start to love you, identify with you, and root for you. Best wishes. :)

now that's roast

Nice win bros!

Haha... they are very funny. And congratulation for wining the round. Hope they get batter in upcoming.

Good job, Keyser. Looking forward to more of these.