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This is a hilarious video that I filmed today about Bitcoin SV. It shows in a funny way what it would be like if Binance was a nightclub and SV was trying to get in! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did filming it.

For the people that are new to my channel, my goal here is to contribute comedy and laughs throughout the Steemit community and Crypto space. I have utilized my Steem in hopes to help gain the attention of those that enjoy Crypto Comedy and I am also in hopes to find new people that also provide funny content. I produce, script and edit everything by myself. I have done several of these style videos and plan to continue to contribute in this manner.

Feel free to check out some of my other skits as well.

Please tag pages that provide funny Crypto Comedy down below in the comment section. If you enjoyed this content, any upvotes and or re-steems are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

This video is Rated PG.



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Nice, What if SV Identifies as a hot woman though?

hahahah then she would sue me for miss representation lol and would also still have been let in the club lol

upvoted and resteemed, this is a rarirty, no one is out here makin Binance parody videos man, this is innovative.

come back to steemspeak.com discord , they givin out tips

Thanks bro, yeah I gotta get back in there, life been busy as of late, good times, see yall soon!

Lol. What the hell did I just watch? Binance and Bitcoin SV should have paid you for this video.

lol thanks, glad you laughed, ill take some bnb from binance but not sv lol they can keep that!! TRUCE

Okay this is just hilarious? Makes me question what you're smoking when filming this.

I'm high on blockchain hahaha or high like i was in this one lol

Lol thanks! and thanks for watching

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Hahaga funny , Bitcoin Sv , I wish all other bitcoins would just disappear , leave the real deal to do its thing

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lol thanks and yeah you right, I think them trash coins will filter away in time....

Straight on, bro.

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Thanks for watching!

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Funny video bro, that look when he said sv had me diying laughing.

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lol glad you enjoyed it, more to come!! wooo

Yes funny videos is like for any people

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