Comedian Explains What Happens When People Are Offended

in comedy •  9 months ago

There is a dangerous precedent being set in America right now, and it all stems from the act of being offended and the actions one takes to prevent future ‘offenses.’ It is important to note that the freedom of speech is under attack and it is a bipartisan effort. Many of those complicit in the quelling of free speech are merely useful idiots and have no idea they are participating in one of the most effective forms of censorship humanity has ever seen.

All people have to do to silence anyone with whom they disagree is to now claim their speech offended them. Telling people what words they can and can’t say to ‘protect’ others is chilling and nothing short of tyrannical. Freedom of speech does not come with terms and conditions as words alone, less the obvious yelling “fire” in a movie theater, cannot cause physical harm.

Comedian: Steve Hughes
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Video Covered By: The Free Thought Project

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Good luck master post

I love this video! I think to a certain extent you need to watch what you say - but some people take it too far. Jim Jefferies touches on this a lot, because he's pretty liberal on where he draws the line.

That sounds like a problem in any country where free speech has been eliminated by so called "hate speech" laws.

Totally agree. I've seen this but I LOVE the refresher! Freedom of thought is infinitely more important than feelings. Although I try to avoid being hurt by ugly comments online (I am a presenter and producer of digital content) it still sometimes can steal my thunder. But I wouldn't trade those ugly comments for any amount of tyranny. Nothing is worse than the moral (PC) police with pitch forks in hand trying to tell everyone else how much better they are because they are "truly accepting" of everyone...except you and your offensive viewpoint. Unknown-1.jpeg

Definitely the case in the UK too. Yet we pay to see Simon Hughes and especially Stewart Lee specifically to be offended. What a strange way to be!
Yep. I need to stop being so concerned about offending people for sure.
Loved the dtube clip 😂


We all need a great big integrity cleanse & to grow some (balls that is) 😄