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The Two Ronnies ! - Ponting Punting ! ...just watch these two :)

in comedy •  2 years ago

Thanks for your support here, .... but I am thinking of leaving this site as my posts get so little viewing ... and i am tired of everyone trying to be so nice to everyone else just to get votes ! it's an unreal place, and totally geared to the love of money !
Clearly people have no interest in crafts or ceramics or no sense of humor which is sad :(
I think people are voting without reading articles or viewing videos.
Maybe you have a different perspective ? ..if so I'd be happy to hear it :)

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Simon I am so sorry to hear you might be leaving the site. I do have to agree though, crafts and ceramics don't get a lot of views. I have written a few blogs on my ceramics, then some on my genealogy and lately on canning and homesteading as I have interest in all 3 but the ceramics clearly were the less popular. I was so looking forward to your part 2 post on the spanish bojito (sp) but I can look for it at you tube. I recently had an encounter with a not so very nice person on here which has left me wondering if it is worth it. Especially coupled with all the other problems that seem to be occurring on here. It is indeed too much about money. People are creating fake identities and multiply accounts and if you don't play along with them, they become quite nasty. I only came here because you mentioned the site in one of your videos on you tube.