Conspiracy Guy - CHEMTRAILS!

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One of our most popular videos. So popular in fact, the character became a staple of our channel...

I created Conspiracy Guy to basically make fun of myself. When I was first "waking up" I had no tact in how I addressed certain subjects in conversation. This approach (or lack thereof) would often lead to arguing, name-calling and in some cases outright yelling. I couldn't understand how people weren't more interested in the areas I was delving into and the deception I was uncovering. I thought surely people would want to know the extent of which they had been lied to about pretty much everything. It was important! A matter of life and death even!

It wasn't. Not to most people anyway. I was just a "paranoid conspiracy theorist." I quickly learned that I needed to change my approach if I stood any chance at helping others to snap our of their trances.

People, for the most part, don't like to be proven wrong. And they don't want YOU to be the one who proves it. They identify with their opinions and if you challenge them you are somehow challenging their intelligence... and their ego. Therefore people tend to have a resistance toward new information replacing outdated information because they erroneously think their opinions represent who they are.

So I started planting seeds instead. Asking questions, without declaring anything. Subtly opening doors for people to walk through instead of pointing out where they were wrong in their thinking. This tactic worked well and still works for me today. I've had many people come back to me after a conversation excited to share with me what they had learned about a certain subject. Not realizing that it was me who had led them to their newfound insight.

Also, JoyCamp. Using humor to break through people's walls is highly effective.

Anyway, I hope you like the video. More Conspiracy Guy coming soon.

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Great job, expose expose, expose!!!!

You are such a talented actor, Benny. I watched your Anarchapulco presentation and was blown away. Hope to be able to have a conversation with you next Anarchapulco. :)

Thank you. Would love to chat at Anarchapulco :)

Way to be a joy thief conspiracy guy.

Perfect timing. This is very helpful because this wisdom might compete with passionate "default mode". I don't want to know how many times I've crashed in and wasted energy on ineffective communication.

But I get to write, review and edit my pitch today so perfect- easier to set a pattern this way.

The video is not working, i'm not sure if it just me or the link broken. Just letting you know.

Not working for me either

It helps if you aren't being outright censored though! :/

Facebook censoring anything now, they also censored my political post recently.

Fuck Facebook!