Conspiracy Guy - New Age

in comedy •  last year  (edited)

The second installment in our Conspiracy Guy series....

Fun Facts: Kevin's shirt and Tony's shirt, pants and hat were all from my wardrobe. The recorder Kevin is (fake) playing is mine from second grade. I still have it and I'm still really good at it.

Video Trivia: does anyone recognize the tune he's playing...? ;)

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I'm beginning to like this conspiracy guy. He and I would get along.

Nice. I like the conspiracy guy.

Fantastic- This ties in with Mark Passio's lecture "New Age is Bullshit and the Suppression of the Masculine" for anyone wanting more information on how the New Age movement was actually started by Luciferians to create a right bring imbalance and remove the Natural Right to Self Defense.

New Age is pure garbage.

Great stuff Benny! Loving it!

Best film project I have found in months. You guys are a great team!