Daddy's Home 2 (film): Excellent cast - terrible movie

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Is it just me or is Will Ferrell the same person in every movie that he is in? Perhaps it is just because he makes what I perceive to be "too many" films but it seems that regardless of what the overall motif is, he is always the bumbling, forever positive, naive and rather clueless giant.

It isn't just his fault that this movie is plain bad: Despite containing some of the best actors alive (with a dash of John Cena,) this movie fails on nearly every front.


It's no secret that movie studios just grab whatever celebrities and crank out a script to take advantage of the holiday spirit that exists in the U.S., but this one is an obvious cash-grab and sadly, it worked.

I'm one of the people that actually enjoyed the first Daddy's Home and I think the main reason for that is because Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell being at odds with one-another is part of their chemistry. In part 2, they are a team and I think that is a big part of the reason why this one doesn't really work.


In this Christmas debacle we are introduced to the fathers of the fathers in John Lithgow and none other than Mel Gibson. I consider both of these guys to be some of the more accomplished actors alive and even they couldn't spark some life into this absolutely terrible script (Mel Gibson ended up winning the "worst actor" award at the Golden Raspberry awards.)

We are supposed to be amused by how over-the-top loving John Lithgow is and how stand-offish Mel Gibson is - but both of these gimmicks get old after just a few dumb jokes.

Wahlberg and his hair helmet was also in this scene, but i couldn't find a snap of it

The idiocy is brought to an apex when all the "Dads" who can agree on almost nothing emerge in the middle of the night all donning white t-shirts with sweat stains as they come together on one thing that all Dads can agree with - that the thermostat mustn't be used by anyone other than the Dads.


John Cena briefly breathes some life into this corpse of a film and it is pretty pathetic, when you consider the depth of talent in the cast, that John Cena is actually the best character in the entire film. Unfortunately, he is only in about 10 minutes of the movie and I'm pretty sure the god-awful thermostat scene lasts longer than that.

from the MovieClips channel

This film managed to make something like $100 million so I feel as though Daddy's Home 3 is sadly inevitable. I can't imagine what sort of S**T show scenarios they will introduce next since they have run out of "Daddies." Maybe they can get started on ruining the legacy of Clint Eastwood and introduce him as a great grandfather.

I laughed very few times while watching this movie and I think that was the general consensus among professional critics and the peasantry alike.

Richard Roeper's review was actually funnier than 90% of the jokes in the movie when he said

"After enduring last week’s lousy and lazy A Bad Moms Christmas, I would have bet it would be many a year before we’d see another holiday comedy more sour and cynical and profoundly unfunny. I sit corrected."

This is one of the worst big-budget films I have ever seen. It is one of the worst Christmas movies I have seen. It is one of the worst films featuring an all-star cast I have ever seen. So yeah, you could say that I am not a fan. If you have Netflix maybe just scan through this film so you can see for yourself how awful it is - other than that, i can't really recommend this one for anyone.


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@tipu curate

Is it just me or is Will Ferrell the same person in every movie that he is in?

The unfortunate gift and curse of being a successful comedic actor. This is why for me Foxcatcher is such a great movie, Steve Carell is amazing and able to change his persona to the point where he is almost unrecognisable.

you are exactly right. When Steve first started out with things like Anchorman, who would have guessed that he would be such an intense serious drama actor as well. Yeah, he is pretty special. There is another film where Carrell plays a kind of aggressive stepfather, but i don't recall the name. He was great in that as well.

The only thing that Steve Carell has ever been in his The Office.

i think maybe you forgot a word or two in your sentence.

Oh yeah, go Raiders!

lol yes he does seem the same, cept for maybe zoolander? did you see that terrible one where he lost his job and spent most of the movie sitting on the front lawn in his chair? Everything Must Go 🎬.... why...why I did push play that night.😳

I didn't even see the first one. I like Will Ferrell in a couple of the movies he is in, but other than that I can really take him or leave him. He did have some really funny skits on SNL when he was a cast member. Like you said, most of the stuff he is in these days seems pretty formulaic.