Guitarman - Episode #2 - Stay Raw & Stand Out!

in comedy •  9 months ago

Welcome to Episode 2 of Guitarman. If you did not watch episode 1 it may be a bit hard to follow in this tempo but if you can, stay in tune for Episode 3!

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i can't stop laughing,so funnytenor-7.gifi'm new in steemit check my profile and follow me sir @fyrstikken

Ha ha ha very very funny.
Thanks for sharing.

Green Screen I see. You should add metal vocal episode as well :)

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Haha! I feel like this some days. No worries. it's early but my brain is beginning to function properly after mass consumption of coffee! That's one hell of a kool room by the way.............. enjoyed!

hehe really nice and funny tnx for share sir

I will never get those 37 seconds back.... Dammit.

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Thanks for sharing this post.
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Here's a poem about the guitar
Yasidi I hope you like my answer now:
Love means a lot to you but fun guitar

Very nice tone

A very distinctive tone

And very wonderful
This is a very simple poem.

Excellent post, thanks fot sharing

excellant sir @fyrstikken very interesting video

thank you for shareing episode 2 really funny & interesting @fyrstikken

a song with no words is surprisingly VERY enjoyable. good stuff. i wanna do that kinda silly shit soon. whether i run for president of america or not. and i think maybe yes. why? to sell books maybe. trump isn't exactly the Dumbest of the Numbies remember, he's just so fuckin' scummy. How you been fyrstikken? The kids haven't inquired about you in week now. "Sad". :)

Great funny, lovely post, thanks for sharing


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You are so funny sir,
Ha ha ha lol your guitar musicIMG_20180201_145151.jpg

Cool video on dTube

nice your dtube post

Here are some basics of guitar playing for those who do not know what to use
Whether you are playing electric guitar or acoustic guitar, you will find that the guitar consists mainly of wood and metal. The copper-coated strings shake to make the sound. The sound is inside the wooden body to create the warm tones of the guitar.
The tendons extend from the head of the machine (the machine) in the guitar, where they are fixed by the tuning keys that spin to tighten or loosen the tendons, up to the bridge where they are fixed in the guitar body. The strings in the acoustic guitar bridge are fixed by removable keys. In the electric guitar, tendons are generally tied through the hole.
The neck of the guitar is a long piece of flat wood on one side (this is called a fretboard) and curved from the other side. The fretboard is inlaid with a metal mesh that identifies the different musical marks.
The acoustic guitar contains the sound hole in the body where the sound is heard and amplified, while the electric guitar contains up to three magnetic winches, which transmit sound through the amplifier.
Thank you and good luck to all


Thanks bro ❤

well.. guitarman

lovely work keep it up ...


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this can cheer me up, thanks for sharing this cool video @fyrstikken.

Hello Fyrst

great writing episod
please continue that dear...........

Nice series it is turning out to be you got the talent ; )

BRUH.........................LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL How do you spell that though? @fyrstikken

nice post& thank u so much for searing......

The funniest thing is that he actually recorded it in front of a blue screen ... xD

hello Fyrst

I had a bad day at work, but your video definitely improved my day!!!!
I will have to look for the episode 1!!!
thanks for making me laugh
you rock @fyrstikken

hahaha very funny dear

I will use this video to introduce to my friends.