Guitarman - Episode #5 - Canon Impossible!

in comedy •  8 months ago

Welcome to Guitarman latest episode! Today we show how impossible it is to play Canon. Remember to stay in tune for next episode coming to a near you soon!

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this is one of the saddest things i have ever seen. i am heartbroken


me too....ha ha ha, i like the wig very much.

Lol, very funny but I know you can do it. It is hard to play but with your music skills you can do it. You cry like a cartoon character lol. Just stay focused and u would do it. Miss your videos, happy to see this today. Miss you

What A Great funny Video (Upvoted)

I appreciate your post

Thank You @fyrstikken

Wow....great funny, very nice post, thanks for sharing

Nice funny thank you for shareing by@fyrstikken

Would really love to watch the video, but unfortunately my network coverage is really wicked....
Looking forward to the next episode though!!!!


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Wow wonderful you play it, I will wait for next episode,,,

wow...!!!" what a wonderful funny video . i really like your post. thanks for share the post.

Ha ha ha very very funny. Thanks for sharing.

Really funny Dtube Video...
thanks for shareing...
@fyrstikken ✌✌✌✌


Wow.. amazing music i like your fun thanks for sharing this dtube.
Carry on..

what nice joke.... i impressed to see your funny music....carry on...

Thanks for share my senior

It was really so funny.
mp4 (39).gif

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Welcome to Guitarman latest episode! Today we show how impossible it is to play Canon. Remember to stay in tune for next episode coming to a near you soon!

Hahaha this is so funny thanks for sharing

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it is amusing, in genuine it is too difficult to find out about how to play Canon however it certainly feasible,

it require time determination.almost 7 years now, and the tune that constantly struck me as unimaginable was JerryC's Canon Rock.

I know there are way harder melodies out there, however this was the one that stayed with me from the earliest starting point.

Keep it up..
Resteemit. 👌👌👌👌👌👌

Hahaha that's great jocky ..
Your every post funny related..
I appreciate your post..
And i huge smile that time..
Thanks for sharing..

nice work @fyrstikken
sounds cool...
I really enjoyed it.

Ha ha ha very funny video

A lot can be learned from this superhero.


Very nice looking

Brought tears to my eyes. Great performance!

you guitarman is back with a bang weekend just got more awesome with this one

LOL..That was nice. Canon is my favourite especially with the electric guitar as performed by Sungha Jung.

You are funny, I don't understand why you are crying . Did you forget your lyrics of a song or can't remember a chord to a song. But you are funny

lol sure explains the lesson !Was not able to get the things but what should I say sign or sound language seems to be working here ;)

this is so funny,,really i was enjoyed

heared the song recently in the radio