Guitarman - Episode #1 - How to get started

in comedy •  9 months ago

Welcome to the first episode of Guitarman. In this episode we are getting started, so enjoy and stay tuned for Episode #2!

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haha great video and so funny
good luck bro ^^

Now that you've unboxed your new guitar apply an ample amount of carpet cleaner to the bottom bout. Lather it on there as the bout will hold plenty. Grasp loosely the finger board high up near the head stock. Too tight a grip may crack the nut from pressure being applied to the strings but too loose a grip may cause slippage or spinning in the hand. Now go Find that dog shit area on your carpets by the back door where lil' Rex did his business this morning. Bend slightly at the knees and start a sweeping motion with long sweeps..... back and forth........ side to side....... Re apply if necessary and repeat until all dog shit is thoroughly disturbed. Enjoyed brother ;)

I started off with some Confidence at first.. then did that when I seen all the chords, scales and arpeggios lol
@Fyrstikken , learning Guitar is fulfilling and healing. One the best musical instruments to exist! I have been learning it for a short time now but when tunes connect it's like another language being sung in sound.

Hahaha Being a guitar player n teacher I fully agree.Yes this is literally what happens to most of the people when they get started. It happened to me too if i tell the truth. :)

That was fun. You need your channel on dtube before this goes viral.

hahaha..really funny. It seems that you want create some thing with your guiter but can't.

Yeah baby! Spinal Tap baby!
Turn it up to eleven!

Hahaha! Elsker innstillingen - Men, noe sier meg at Episode #2 viser oss at fyren på videoen faktisk kan spille gitar. Dra igang Pantera på kassegitaren ;)

Ono, not a good start. lol

Very nice...

ha ha ha its a funny video

haha this guitarman is so funny
Very good beginning
Eagerly waiting for the second episode

Hello @fyrstikken, nice work on the series,
Looking forward to the next one

Jajaja you're crazy man but you made me laugh a lot

So spirit

Great funny, amazing post, thanks for sharing

Heavy viking metal. KLYE approved!

hahahahhha that's funny.

wtf haha. so random fyrst

dtube is great today
that is best platform to share entertainment
carry on and thanks to share

Lol you're really crazy sir. Haha

ha ha ha this Guitarman is so funny

Haha I did not expect that - I'm guessing this song is called knock on wood ?

For 8 seconds madness more than $ 100 and likes?!
Hey World! Where are you moving?

Sorry for that's bad and objective opinion, but could you a make more quality content?

P.S: i am bad know English and turn on T9)

Lmaooo you sound like an Asian. Can't waitt to laugh in episode 2

ahahah now you are on the dtube the guitarman @frystikken
and yea am looking forward for episode 2
:) :) stay blessed #frystikken

haha funny video :D

I highly recommend a lille bit of music theory b4 starting to bang yer head... :D

Looks like me when i get to know with my guitar, but it was love of first sight.

This is how to begin the things off in style !

Why do I suddenly feel like I just watched a promo for a new Adult Swim show? Haha.


Good idea an adult swim show! xD

That actually gave me a nice laugh!

to funny lol xD

lol, That made me laugh! Thanks fyrstikken