Guitarman - Episode #6 - Climbing the superstar-ladder all the way to the top!

in comedy •  9 months ago

Welcome to a new episode of Guitarman on Stay in tune for the next episode coming decentralized to you from a secret island in the pacific... and stuff.

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Sublime. So this is what millionaires do these days to pass time :)

You're the perfect antidote for a Monday morning! Keep up the awesome work @fyrstikken!



that's what I call healthy creativity

wow....very funny.

Lol, why did you change you voice. It is so funny, nice guitar chords. Despercito

Sometimes DTube just doesn't want to work for me. This has been one of those times...


Today it worked, LOL! Made me laugh, perfect vibe for a Monday afternoon lol

You play a very nice guitar. Love your too voice, it is funny but cool. Love your version of despecito. Nice video

haha.. nice one .. very funny indeed. Admirable talent
I think you are great for cartoon dubbing..
nice work, enjoyed it

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Great funny, very nice post, thanks for sharing

Lol, this is funny as hell. I find it difficult to post on dtube though, my two dtube successful posts were out of luck.

Hehehehe very funny...
I love this

Hahaha, dude! :D

Haha really funny you are funiest guitman of steemit.

that's really very funny. I like it..


Very good picture and your story

Very good videos and your story

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Very creativity post!!

Haha, nice really funny. i love this.

I just had lunch and my biggest mistake is to play this vid. Dude my stomach is achin. U gone crazy totally. hahahahhaha

Well done, you are using the guitar very well, I enjoyed lisning and watching, i support u bro


wow ..bardzo śmieszne.

This must be the coolest thing I've ever seen in my life

perfect to enjoy loving it on dtube

Norsk fyrstikk??

HahaHahahHahaha...... Very funny😂

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Thank you!

lol, that was so funny! I'm looking forward to next videos :)

Laughing out here please come with more here is helpful really sure of this

You can say what you want but he's truly captivating.

hahaha,,this is so funny,,why did you change your voice and nice guitar

many informatin this post..
thanks for sharing @fystikken


Great comic artist
Good video
I like that post

Hahahaha thats very nice i enjoyed alot

Aww..what an awesome talent you've got...kudos..

Hahaha so funny. Thanks for shear this comedy post.

maybe the next jimmy hendrix !

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You made my day, I am glad I discovered your post. Have a great week!

Lool this really funny

Hahaha that's great jocky ..
Your every post funny related..
I appreciate your post..
And i huge smile that time..
Thanks for sharing..

ha ha ha ha thanks for sharing

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Love love love hehehe

Hello fyrstikken,

I am new to Steemit and saw your post. It was pretty funny.

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May the steemitforce be with you.

Keep steeming ahead,


DTube is the best
Good luck @fyrstikken

Guitar legends... great music in the life. @fyrstikken

The post is verrymuch
I like it @fyrstikken

That funny guitarman. He is the best player @fyrstikken

wow really a great post and a very good guitar player

DTube is verrygood
Good luck @fyrstikken

Haha, what are you doing? this post whisk my stomach. Until I laughed out loud. Thanks for you @fyrstikken have been the post. It keeps me entertained

what a creativity bro..

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Thank you @fyrstikken, l like it. this is what I look forward to me for a laugh. I am very comforted with this post. 😁😁👍👍

this is lit

nice one mate - keep them coming! :)

Guitarman!!! That apt. is GUILDED to say the least my friend...

This make my day.

Hahahha..amazing post @fyrstikken

heheheh .. good
very fun. Admirable talent I think you're great for the cartoon dubbing ...
good job, I enjoyed it!

Stay blessed ☺☺


LOL! This is sensational! :) One of the best dtube videos I've seen! :)

very nice

lovely post sir..DQmdYdUXzYLsi5RGh9rJvqwJhj5YqQFUR1Nt81habW4xXqT.gif

so nice and funny also