Excuse me Steemians! V. important emergency info: Chicken Nugget Donuts Exist! DONUGS

in #comedy6 years ago (edited)

You guys with all the bad news happening out there in the world, I just am so amazed to have learned that the holy grail of foods has just been birthed , and this news should ring out loud across Steemlandia...

This picture is not the real Donug. Also they should be called NugNuts, DUH

I made this with a public domain image of a donut, found on Wikipedia. It is the closest representation of a real NugNut that I could conjur up without copyright infringement. If you go to this article you will see the real thing, and if you don't already live in the UK, like me you will immediately apply for a visa to move there.


Up until I found this gem, I had lost all inspiration for good creative foodery

Like my lentil zoodle tacos, this food item is a true work of food mashup brilliance, plus it is everything anyone who has hung out in MSPWaves Audience Chat, or the Deepend, has ever dreamed of. @meno @soundwavesphoton @pechichemena @clayboyn @amberyooper .. oh i am too wound up about this to even remember who else to tag...

Now I have a new food standard to attempt to meat

I am not worthy.

Feel free to console me in the comments for free upvotes.


g-gif-update (9).gif


could people please stop ruining things?! :D

but you have the number 420 as part of your NAME hazel.

The Holy Grail of food!
I need this in my life! :-)

I'll pass on this one :-)


I don't know if you order by the dozen like donuts or if you get a twenty piece like nuggets... what do... need donugs.

I knew you would understand. THese people above, i dont get it hahaha especially hazel420 up there! 420! That's chicken nugget signal #1

If not for being a Vegan I might have it a go at least once. :-)

hahahaha ok fine you get to vegan out of it lol

Nugnuts, love it...There is no way a chicken grows any part of their body in a doughnut shape.
Regards @run.vince.run

Fake news!

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