An (failed)attempt at humor during my comedy bit writing phase.

in comedy •  8 months ago

Things are getting tough, money is so tight I had to share an apartment with a friend. He's okay and all, he smokes weed and sleeps a lot so it works for me.
Only problem is, he has a dog, don't get me wrong, I like dogs, but this dog apparently knows the exact moment I start to fall asleep, he will start barking at the precise moment my eyes close. I like staying here, but this is not going to work, I have an idea.
The next day, I took his weed, chewed on the bag really good and threw it on the floor.
It took damn near a week and an ounce of weed, but he gave away the dog, AND I have next months rent!


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Lol good thing my dog isn't allowed to touch weed. If I give him a stem he will tear it up. He likes sticks. Funny! He must not have liked that dog!


Most all animals do. I had a rabbit problem once, they would chew the stem till it fell over then eat the tops, but only the tops. A few scattered mothballs cured this. Didn't matter though, a backhoe came along and scooped up the whole affair.
I have an airplane story for another time, mothballs didn't work in that instance though.