Hi...!!! Hi...!!))


Oh.... how long have I been gone

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After I moved to a new job (changed my profession), there was very little time. Work-began to occupy 80% of my life. I lost my inspiration... and without inspiration, you can't share something beautiful. I would have to fish everything out of my finger or duplicate it from the Internet.

But now I have set very different priorities in my life. Set goals for three years ahead. Why three years? Not a year or months? You can't achieve greatness in a short time. After all, what you can fight for, it will only be the Foundation. And in three years, you can already raise several floors, and know all the cons and pros of the goals.

And I will definitely achieve my goals!

But more on this later)

And now I'm just glad that I was able to write at least this little passage))


Welcome back, hope we'll see you around more often, how is the new job going? What is it all about?

Thanks) I moved to a large firm where I had to work for 14 hours. And now I decided to change everything and not spend so much time on something that will not do any good)

I understand its good to have a balanced life, so what will you plan to do with your free time?

To realize themselves. Go to your dream)

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Hey. Happy to see you! I am in Hive now, my vote is valued much more there! I invite you to move

Could you tell me more about it?

A couple of months ago, there was a Hardfork and Hive was created from Steem. You already have a Hive account, your login is the same and you have all what you earned from Steem in Hive. Steem was bought by a guy in another blockchain and many people were not in agreement. What I am doing is powering down all my Steem and converting it into Hive.