Daily Photo Contest: My Colourful Photography Entry

in colourfulphotography •  11 months ago

Here is my entry for the Thursday's Colourful Photography contest. Thanks to @juliank for creating this daily photo challenge. Propably the most colourful display for this season. 😊


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Photo was taken using my mobile phone Oppo A37f.


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Pasko na! 😀


Tama hehehe

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!" ❤❤


So true, lamig na. :)

Merry Christmas @zaranina! The Philippines has most memorable and most celebrated Christmas. Thanks for sharing your photo. Christmas is really in the air!


Thanks. Merry Christmas too. :)

Very colorful. It also screams Filipino to me. Filipino because in the Philippines it seems that Christmas begins in September.


That is right. 100 days countdown before Christmas. :)

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