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RE: Colourful Market in Morocco

Thank you! I love the dynamic range of the Sony sensor that's in my Nikon. I think I am going actually going to post another Marrakech photo today!
I noticed the double-post earlier and wanted to report the bug, but then I got distracted and forgot about it, sorry. Thanks for the upvotes!

I have actually hoped for something like this project for a while. I used to manually write the basic EXIF data in the caption of my photo for quite some time, but at some point I got too lazy, so I had the idea to create a tool where I could paste the post markdown before posting and the tool would then automatically create EXIF captions for each photo. Your bot is a fantastic option! Can I actually call your bot by mentioning it in the post itself instead of in a comment? In this case, I would add a line like "For the Exif Data of this photo, see the comment by @ exifr" to my post template.

For me, it would actually be enough to only have DateTime, ExposureTime, FNumber, ISOSpeedRatings and FocalLength in the "minimal" command.

Thank you for the time and effort work that you put into developing great tools such as exifr!


This week, I'll be pushing out a release that will allow you to do that. Sometime this week, you'll be able to automatically get exifr data in your post on submit

Amazing! I just tried it out in the post I posted just now and I even got a triple-reply this time, but without any exif data in the table.

One small correction to my suggestion for "minimal" above: I would use DateTimeOriginal instead of DateTime in the minimal command

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