Colossus Garage Kit Paint up with Custom work

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Hay Guys

Here is a finished Garage Kit Paint up of Colossus with a lot of custom work to his Head, Belt, Boots, Base and Arm Guards. Was a tricky one to put together but was a good experience to add snow effects to the base at the end.

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Didn't know you were on here. Been watching your YouTube channel for years. Because of you ive picked up some kits, but still a little nervous to start. I figured I'd start by repainting a statue. 20180903_180354.jpg
Trying to figure out where to start. Should i strip the paint or just hit it up with primer? Any info would be appreciated. Thank you! Cant wait to see the next Supergirl WIP video.

hay there and thanks, ya i am trying to upload on other platforms just in case YT strikes me down for something stupid about a statue. WHat you can do is hit it with some primer or can get some Duplicolor Clear Auto primer, coat it up and then paint over. Unless the paint is horrible and messy can jut prme over it. But good luck with your kits, only way to learn is to just dive in and practice.

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