Colorful Photography : The Market of Egypt


The markets in Alexandria were full of colors! Most of the shops sold the same things - the stone pyramid miniatures, statues of Egyptian gods, goddesses, kings and queens.
Some very colorful clothing and accessories.
I even found musical instruments - thought most were not good enough to use in recording or live situations, mostly meant for show pieces.
I really wanted to get an Oud, but couln't find any good ones.


My son had a lot of fun roaming around in the markets. In one shop, we found 36 cats just chilling around! That was the most fun for my kid.
We got a lot of small collectibles to give friends and relatives back home.
You can see the happy faces of my sis-in-law, wife and mother-in-law after all the shopping! 😁


Well, thats all for today! :) These are all my entries for @juliank's @photocontests.
One last one for good luck :


PS: I wrote this on the @esteemapp Surfer for the MacOS. The photo uploads were a bit slow, but the editing was a breeze! It was such a relief to not click back and forth on words to add stars and just highlight them, press bold or italics and boom! Just like that it became so easy. Though there were no text alignment options.
Still, I am not going back to the browser version of Steemit (at least for writing the posts) if this works well with the rest of the stuff!
Everyone must give this one a try!

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Nice photos @hardikv... How do you find the African way of life? Is it very different from ours?

nice photography man. I like Egypt. Just loved the photo.Thanks!

Thank man!

Nice photos and the information about Alexandria market.

The photos are so clear and looks awesome.

Thanks for sharing.

wowww... amazing photography..

Lovely clicks. Hope you had a good time :)

Awesome shopping expedition.

Thanks to @sayee, this post was resteemed and highlighted in today's edition of The Daily Sneak.

Thank you for your efforts to create quality content!

Amazing set of photos @hardikv. The entire streets looks very colorful to my eyes. Hope you would have had a good time there.


A great travel post, thanks for the colorful photos

Nice photos. Very colorful indeed. I love how Africa and India display and people wear very colorful clothings.

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