Colorchallenge saturdayindigo - Delphinium

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This beautiful plant is called Delphinium.


Delphinium is an herb plant that can be found in wild conditions - in forests and meadows, and in flowerbeds where it is grown as decorative. Its popular name - grass was received because of the similarity of the flower with the spurs.


In delphinium, many valuable substances have been discovered, thanks to which the herb is actively used for a variety of diseases. It contains a large number of alkaloids, which relax the skeletal muscles, thus blocking the pain syndrome. For medicinal purposes, decoctions, tinctures, compresses, balms and ointments from plants, as well as honey, are used. @cleverbot

For #colorchallenge saturdayindigo (initiated by @kalemandra).

Original fotos by @vodesova
Canon EOS 550D

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trunk of this plant use as local herble medicine for stroke(paralysed patiens) in srilanka

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