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Today is a beautiful sunny summer day! In his garden, red currants ripen, soon it can be eaten. What a bright berry!


The use of red currants in raw form, in juices and fruit drinks will help to cope with such problems as:

heart disease and blood vessels;
Vitamin C hypovitaminosis (100 g of currant contains up to 25 mg of this vitamin!);
weakened immunity;
elevated temperature, cold, inflammatory throat diseases;
decreased appetite;
dry mouth, thirst, nausea.

Despite the rather rich biochemical composition, it is known that red currant does not cause allergies, so it can be useful for feeding pregnant women. The juice of fresh berries is an effective means of combating early toxicosis, discomfort in the stomach and a feeling of nausea.

Photo is original and made by Canon EOS 550D.

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