Color Challenge: Sunday Purple -- In the park

in colorchallenge •  9 months ago


Spent the day in a park in Yokohama today. These looked so vibrant I had to try to capture them. There are amazing purple flowers peppered throughout the foliage. If I were a cat I'd be exploring through there for sure!

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Very strong and powerful purple!

Loving the purple

I really love that deep purple. I cant' think of the English name for them at the moment. I'm blanking.

Spring flowers!!! I'm so glad mankind did not just cultivate necessary crops, but also beautiful ones :-)

I will follow you now.

What a thought adventuring, cat style, very vivid colours, were there other colours too?


Some white flowers I didn't recognize as well. But there had been some rain and the white flowers hadn't survived as well as these.


That must have been some heavy rain 😢