Travel with Tara : Color Challenge : #WednesdayYellow!!

in #colorchallenge3 years ago

I haven't posted in a long while since I was busy with work.
But I got a little extra time today and decided to post a picture for the Color Challenge!
My entry for the Wednesday Yellow Color Challenge by @kalemandra

I don't know what the flower is called.
I love the little bee in the middle!

Have a wonderful day!!

Thank you so much for reading! I post travel pics and some amateur art work. If you like my work, Please upvote, comment, resteem and follow! Steem on!


just amazing. Very nice photography. Have a nice day.

Thank you so much :)

Great photography with this color.It is upvoted.

Thank you :)

Hi, tara How are you. It´s very nice. goos day

Hello @taraamin77 and nice to have you back on Steemit again. It's good to have a break from Steemit once in a while even if it is because of work! Nice bright colours in your photo. It looks like a Sunflower. Cute bee as well :-D

Thank you so much :) <3 It probably is a sunflower :P

Good snap!
Where was this taken btw...

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