Travel with Tara : Color Challenge : #FridayBlue : Lake Tahoe in Winter!

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Lake Tahoe is a freshwater lake straddling on the border of California and Nevada in the US.
It's a lovely place and there are a ton of activities that never bore you!
My entry for the Color Challenge by @kalemandra!



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Nice photos

Thank you so much <3

that is so amazing, I like the shot of the reflection on water

Thank you so much!!!! :)

Its been a place I have wanted to visit for years and this beautiful shot just confirms I need to get there sometime such amazing beauty and blues

It is beautiful indeed :)

Stunning pic! Classic landscape still looks beautiful.

Thank you :)

That's beautiful!

Thank you :)

Really like the composition of the first image!

Thank you :) <3

Beautiful scene - Tahoe is one of the places I have to visit before long!

Thank you. you should. It's beautiful :)

Wow, the first picture is so freaking beautiful! :O I want to go here too! Them mountains though. Must visit!

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