ColorChallenge - ThursdayGreen, The Green Country

in #colorchallenge6 years ago

Green color is kind of national color of Slovenia, You'll find the green color on the national team dresses, you’ll find the green on the touristic promotional material - I feel Slovenia, but the most important, you'll find green everywhere as soon as you exit your home. Slovenia really is a green country, see some samples below :)

Btw: Congrats to Lea Sirk who made it to final of ESC in Portugal with the song: “HVALA NE"

Original photos taken with Sony xperia xz1<center

Come again, 😘


wonderful view and i think that was so very peaceful.. thank you @taica

Yes, it was. Whenever you go to the woods you can only hear the animals the leaves playing with the wind and breath the fresh air. :)

wow i wish i could be there too.

You have captured the theme beautifully, very lush color.

Thank you so much. :)

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