ColorChallenge Blue Friday : My Photography Collection

in #colorchallenge3 years ago

I present you today a magnificent collection of the photos in blue, it is about the photos which I adore a lot and which reminds me of unforgettable memories, it is about a beach congeted in Sweden, I took the risk of taking these pictures but I did not regret :)
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Wow great Pictures 👍

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photo just super! something unreal!

Beautiful. The colors look stunning.

Are these all your photos? Great shots! How much do you alter the saturation in post?

Unreal!!!!! So stunning :o I wanna go there!

welcome in sweden:)

looks great those landscapes!!

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Well done mate, great photos!

Great :) Glad you like it @mikepedro:) Followed

Is a great colorchallenge participation, friend I want to take action on it can you help, what I need to do

you need just to be creative

your post is very useful and very good
I like the same post you are so beautiful that so much to take the wisdom of your post
thanks for sharing the info that is very captivating
once again I say thanks as much as possible to the admin

Thank you :)

How beautiful! The world is in blue-blue tones ... the sky, water, air ... ah, amazing! Thank you for such wonderful photos!

Thank you so much @sinilga for this kind comment :)

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thank you so much :)

Wow, esas fotos parecen sacadas de otra dimensión. ¡Me encantan!

gracias senior:)

In a blue suit, looking up at the blue sky, singing the blues.

It's awesome thanks @micahrem:)

@swefian - Very interesting and beautiful shade of Blue. Normally I consider the Blue for sad and sorrow but from your photos of Blue bring me joy and cheerful.

Thanks for sharing and Have a Great Blue Day. :-)

Im glad you like it thank you for stopping by:)

Great pictures @swefian !


Well of the talented people of our time!__u are great!

thank you so much:)

wow, wonderful @swefian

thank you so much for stopping by:)

Wow! Breathtaking!

Thanks :)

nice blue colors. I like it much!

I like so much the Blue , thanks:)

Very interesting Collect, I like it :)

thanks :)

Wow, this is so amazing!

Thank you :)

Very nice pictures, upvoted, followed for more. I really like the intense blue color of the pictures.

thank you so much :)

What a peaceful photography which inspires us to become more environment friendly keep steeming.

thank you so much for stopping by :)

Love the photos! Blue is my favorite color. 😄 One of Steemit categories I frequently visit and enjoy - photography. Upvoted and resteemed.

I like the Blue :) thank you very much @happyfree

Nice post.I respect you very much because you contribute to steemit.I will do activities like you.I would like to extend the steemit.


what a colour of weather. blue fantasy..


wow amazing shot

This is amazing ! thanks for sharing i like the last view

its awesome thanks!

Nice captured 👌
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thanks :)


the sky looks very beautiful @swefian


Beautiful blue. You did a good job The second and third photo were spectacular. I love the effect where the drops shine like beautiful diamonds. Excellent @swefian

thank you so much im glad you like it

Beautiful work! This frozen views are amazing...

thank you so much its really awesome!

Wow brilliant work in steemit life
Much better and fantastic post
I like your work and I follow u
Thanks dear friend

Beautiful pics!

Good photography skills! It is stunning!

amazing! good job!

that second to last photo is my favorite !! nice job keep it up!

Damn. They are amazing photos. All the movement and beauty of the nature are really shown in your shots. Keep it up, I would love to see more post coming from you. Followed.

I am an architecture student and a part time graphic design. I do design on world famous landscape and buildings.

If you have any free time, please do visit my post too.

Great brother! what camera you used in taking this shots?

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Amazing pictures... So creative!!!
Thank you for sharing them.

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Love this one! We do share the same interests, don't hesitate to see my posts!

Very good content, congratulations, Check my channel to help too.

Great colours, nice work! You can also check my blog and last shot taken by gopro...

These photos looks so amazing ! I think I fell in love with the blue...

Joking aside, you take amazing photos.

nice photos :)

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Wow! Great pictures

Wow! that´s a great place to be :)

What beautiful landscapes, I congratulate you the pictures are great

woww!! beautiful picture!!

Very Beautiful pictures :D

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Amazing pics.

Your work leaves me speechless. I can only tell you that it is shocking.

good pictures, I like, hopefully your post can be a motivation for me to deepen the science of photography @swefian