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I love these kind of forest pictures.

Such a beautiful trail through the forest @svamiva. Beautifully photographed.

I love the second and last picture. She is very pretty. I will follow you because you have a lot of talent. Good job.


The second and the third pics is a bonus for those who bothers to comment ;)

Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing.

Lol! Those are beautiful nature photos. Please don't follow... follow your true path... dare to go within...dig dig and dig some more my friend.

nice photography dear..Want to be a photographer like u..Following u..

That second pic is phenomenal! Thanks for posting! Where is it, by the way?


Confluence of rivers Volga and Nerl about 200 km to the North of Moscow
But those pinetrees covered with lichen are rather typical for Northern Russia ;)


Absolutely beautiful.

I have posted some of my creation in colorchallenge..But no response are Comming..Will u pls see and suggest what is wrong in it.?

Just need Suggestion for improvement


I've checked out your blog, nothing wrong with it ;)
You are not exactly having "no responce", for someone who is new on this platform you are doing rather well.
It's natural if someone who is about one year here would have more followers and more upvotes, but if you check out my blog 6-8 month back, you could see a long sequence of posts with 0.00$ payouts.

very nicely done, as usual