Color Challenge: Thursday Green - Funny Chicken Coop Door as Seen on Pinterest!steemCreated with Sketch.

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We visited our good friends Sunday who had moved to Plains, Montana and have built their new homesteading house. They were showing us their new chickens coops when I saw that they had used old toilet seats for doors to the let the chickens in and out! Lori told me she saw the idea for it on Pinterest! What a cute, clever and fun entrance to have on your chicken enclosures.

2 separate entrances. One for the fryer chickens & one for the layer chickens


Opens from inside the chicken coop to let out the chicks during the day


Closes at night to get the chickens stay inside from predators





Brilliantly invented :))

I thought so too!

Go vegan! Love free animals.

When you are a predator, can you really keep them from predators at night by keeping them inside?

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