ColorChallenge - ThursdayGreen Tomatoes

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colorchallenge photography thursdaygreen tomato  .jpg

A flashback to September when the last of the cherry tomatoes were trying to ripen as the cooler temperatures were arriving. Oh how I already miss have fresh, homegrown tomatoes. Happy Thursday everyone!

Thank you to @kalemandra for creating this wonderful #colorchallenge where we get to be creative everyday of the week. Thank you for stopping by my post, I hope you enjoyed it.

Until next time, this is Sunscape...

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I send to you hot peppers


Very cool. Have a great day

Great photo and write up =)


Thank you @chelsea88 have a great day

nice tomatoes are very good for health ...

Tomato fruit is a fruit that contains lots of vitamins, usually I eat raw raw without cooking my friend @suncape. success always tomi.
my friend there is a new post.

My tomatoes are battling to ripen this year and another week or two perhaps some fresh ones on the table @sunscape


Ours took forever this year as well, and we have a very small crop. It was a very odd growing season. Next year should be a great one.

That is a great photo! Little green tomatoes are so cute. I didn't have time to have a garden this year because I need to problem shoot and I was just too busy. I missed getting stuff right off the vine to eat.


Well maybe you can be ready come spring and enjoy one next year. I love having a big garden

Very cool! Not only green, but a super cool shot with the drops coming off them! Nicely done!


Thank you Denise, it was right after the rain. I so miss the gardens. :(


Oh, mine is beginning to see its last days!