ColorChallenge SundayPurple Cosmic Petunia

in colorchallenge •  11 months ago

SundayPurple ColorChallenge is here again and I submit this beautiful purple Petunia for you to enoy today. It reminds me of the #magicalmoments felt my gazing into the Cosmos!

Thank you to @kalemandra for creating this wonderul challenge.

Thank you for stopping by my post, I hope you enjoyed it.
Until next time, this is Sunscape...

Sun. Scape. Ing your day

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Thank you!


Thank you as always @randowhale

A magically colored flower ~ Could not but help give you the most beautiful magical moment. Beautifully photographed @sunscape. Resteemed.


Awh, thank you so much, I absolutely love how the water bubbles gave it a bokeh background. #Magicalmoments!

Good photography

Elrond Huston Aka ehuston


Thank you!

Great photo :)


Thank you

Are the bright spots from the sun or just the colour of the flower. It has a mystical, galacial feel to it. can I resteem it?


Hi, The white is just part of the coloring of the flower. Of course you can re-steem @pjcswart you never need permission to resteem anyone's post. have a great day.

It's really amazing! I've never seen such kind of petunia before


I love this one, I have bought it for two years now and love the unique patterns in every flower.

Interesting way of getting an effect from the overexposed sunspots! Very effective!


Thank you @dmcamera I appreciate your nice compliment


You are welcome!

Such a beautifully colored cosmic flower @sunscape. Cosmic reminder that all flowers have their unique beauty. Giving us the opportunity to feel so many magical moments.


This Petunia just mesmerizes me, I get lost in the moment just gazing at a flower.

Very nice @sunscape. They do look cosmic.