ColorChallenge - Wednesday Yellow - Bridge to nowhere

in colorchallenge •  11 months ago

I took this picture while hiking in the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve (1 hour drive from Los Angeles)


Carl Zeiss 35-70mm (len: made in Japan, early 2000)


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One photo is enough to describe a lengthy description. There's a lot to learn from you buddy. Thnx for sharing. Could you please tell me how to participate #colorchallenge, #steemitphotochallenge, etc. I'd be awaiting your reply


well said. modern human being talks more than what he needs! we have to look more... explore more, surf more, think more... listen to nature...

An interesting photo

Moar like this!

Anything could almost be reproduced with Carl Zeiss lens....a powerful optic fibre that delivers..
Picture looks natural as nature...
Good one @steemfuzzy

An interesting photo, a path for tourists, and if the beast jumps out along the pathways :)


Thanks @magnata!


Salutations. JaiChai here.

Creative, indeed.

May you and yours be well and love life today.

Upvoted, continuing to follow and calling on @originalworks and @steem-untalented for your post.

Namaste, my friend.



Thank you for stopping by :)

the sky very beautiful blue, make the scenery like a painting,,,

and thank you for sending me the value of steem.

i am glad..




Nice picture! Thanks for stopping by

Poppies in bloom from 2016.


A very magickal time in the desert!


...and rattlesnakes.



beautiful scenery coupled with good photo quality and shooting techniques

This place will be on the way to socal, where I will be traveling to soon. I think I will stop there.

This beautiful photo shows that valley between dry and green, but the most surprising thing is the intense blue sky. excellent landscape @steemfuzy.

Did you edited this picture? or its a original file?


It is in the original format.


Nice Compotion setting from you steemfuzzy, i really love the color you catch. Carl Zeiss one of the best lens ever isnt it ? keep shooting. Like it so much

@steemfuzzy Nice view , beautiful

I want to see another picture, so I follow you

and if you want to see Night view in city of Taipei at a glance

come to my blog , and please write comment

Thank you


It looks nice, I would suggest adding such fotos in the @steemitworldmap too :)

steemvotes then more as cost of the lens :D

incredible sight, which is pleasing to the eye.

Good photo @steemfuzzy, Thank You making for transfer to me.

Perfect captipn for a perfect photo. Thanks!

Beauty of Nature always cool to eyes. And thanks @steemfuzzy seems that you have transferred me 0.001 Steem.

Perfect caption for a perfect photo.

The color is awesome! Nice photography!

Nice photography

That nice pict you are very profesional i like it...
That for steem you send me

Nice pic Mr @steemfuzzy. Really like it so much, so beautiful and colourfull. Thank you for your gift sir :)

wonderfull, green and blue colors are very clear @steemfuzzy

all pics that you shared is great ;)

sudah saya uvote

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So beautiful. Amazing skill.

gambar yang sangat bagus @steemfuzzy

Soo Natural :)

a simple and beautiful photo

Thanks for send me SBD, this is something very price for me,
may I ask to be promoted my account, thanks, success for you # @ steemfuzy

nyc click bro

An interesting photo, a path for tourists, and if the beast jumps out along the pathways

great photo

Looks like you had a beautiful day, walking along the path that seems to go to some secret place, one could get lost in time in this Photograph, great shot, keeps the mind wondering, where are you taking us.

Great and natural photo! Thank you for sharing:-)

Perfect picture

Beautiful View... Look like in borneo

why Japan make that, are American people can't doing it...?

Beautiful colors of nature

thanks .
nice to meet you. I pray all your efforts in giving smoothness. and success always.

and thank you for giving the steem power.

Nature landscape. I like it

thanks your post!

Really cute! You can really see far off in the distance, it's quite impressive!


wow nice
please upvote me

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Beautiful landscape bro

beautiful picture.. keep it up buddy

Good photography for colorchallenge...
Good luck, success is for your @steemfuzzy..

Look at all of those greenery... Can't ever get enough with nature...

What a beautiful place, where you receive peace and you meet your inner self

Wow, theres no doubt i love natural nature
i really like it @steemfuzzy.
I love those kind of view so i followed you to discover it by my self.
When you want to see my post w/ my original photography just visit @manilyn09 . Thankyou

Why you sent me steem 0.01?

Good for you, it is awesome, how God love us. Upvote and follow..

stunning beauty, everyone will feel lucky if given the opportunity to follow you.

Good photo.

Lovely pic...upvoted

I would love to stretch out on a blanket and watch the clouds and sky here.

this picture is amazing.
I have a photo, this reminds me of it... somehow same. the endlessness, or the null destination maybe. I call it "windows to eternal blue"



location: Ghalaat village, near Shiraz city in Iran

The pictures looks amazing :)

Thank you so much for sending me some steem. <3 You have my follow and upvote! (If you could follow me that would be wonderful, but either way, thank you!)

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Nice composition, I like how you framed the path.

And that sky!

Amazin pic!!!

Simply amazing.. The land is so beautiful good place for a picnic.. Thanx for sharing..

thank you for the gift,,,

upvoted :)

very beautiful)

wow very beautiful, sometime you invite me there hehe
love it

wow amazing :D

nice click

The sky so blue. Beautifull

A gracias por las bendiciones

Thank you for the donation of steem....I really mean that. I am upvoting and following you......many thanks xx

Great photography.

I will participate to... Help me cause I New be

@steemfuzzy. Thank you so much

A stunning photographic work, where the photograph itself can tell a story without any description. Good job @steemfuzzy

Simplemente una bellleza gracias por compartirla . Saludos desde venezuela


Que hermoso ,, se observa paz tranquilidad...

Thanks for your giving 😊

As you asked
I followed him and followed him.
I hope you have a good time. :)

very beautiful. hope one day i will be able to do it too

i use to play a card game , called magic the gattering ...
the land card in that game was alwais beautiful pictures ...
this is soo closedd to it ,, i loove that , here its in the real world , not a card game :P

Nice sight
Keep it up,check out my introductory post on my blog

hermosa fotografia :) / beautiful photography :)


Hermoso paisaje! el cielo tiene un color profundo, parecido al mar.

very nice photo!

Its a really amazing shot. I'm so glad I followed your blog!!