ColorChallenge - Thursday Green - Emerald Lake #2

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Emerald Lake is breathtaking and be sure to hike around the lake. It is one of my favorite spots in the Canadian Rockies. It is about 60 minutes drive from Lake Louise.

Carl Zeiss 85mm (len: made in West Germany, 1980)

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Beautiful. The colors look stunning.

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How beautiful. The colors of water, mountains, forests are incredible.

This is gorgeous! I needed to see something beautiful today. Thanks, @steemfuzzy!


Thank you for dropping by! @sarahdandridge

We've seen it on a road trip to visit our daughter in Alberta , the picture is breathtaking, but truly when you actually see it, the colours are so vivid , the picture actually can't do it justice relaxing! I love seeing photos of wonderful sceneries like that..


You captured it so beautifully. Thought at first it was a drawing at first glance. Did u do some filter?

wow, this is real? its not photoshop? It have to be a pleasure to see it by yourself! Enjoy every moment ;)


It is real. I don't even know how to use photoshop. Thanks @liltammy

Is beautiful the lake...good photography @steemfuzzy

Beautiful! I must plan to visit here on one of my next trips to Canada!

It IS breathtaking!

Beautiful photography of amazing lake

Beautiful lake @steemfuzzy
Ini like this picture 👍

I have done as you asked, thank you.

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Beautiful photo I go fishing all the time

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Woooww... Is beautiful

Hard to believe that this is real. The color of the water is amazing along with the nice view of the mountains. @steemfuzzyIMG_0810.GIF

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i like this pic so much. wanna be there. what a place. so amazing
thank you @steemfuzzy

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interesting post, really amazing @ scenery, beautiful ,, beautiful, I want to go there holiday

Wow what a beautiful paradise! The water is clear as the sky. Thanks for sharing hope you have time to visit my blog. Thank you so much!


So are you! Following!

I can say, Its heaven on earth


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Beautiful lake whoever would be fascinated to see the natural beauty that is still natural

hello @steemfuzzy happy to meet you. You have helped me.
thank you

amazing lake, wish i can go there someday

woao what a beautiful lake
I wish I could be there. I hope Greetings bro.

Thank you for gift. i never forger you. And thanks for sharing a rocky place #Lake Louise, tnx @steemfuzzy

Fantastic photograph @steemfuzzy. Congrats!

such a nice photography
hoping to see more beautiful post in future

it really fascinates the beautiful lake. great photography @steemfuzzy

Very beautiful place. Nice photo.

Breathtaking is right! Thanks for posting.

Hanya satu kata "Surga"


omg the color of the water is awesome. i really really love this pic.

stunning scenery

OH my!! the colors just pop! absolutely breathtaking, thank you for sharing :D

Wonderfully taken photo,
I would have to say, i would swim here. The different colors in the water are what makes this photo stand out, to me. There is such a vast amount of landscaping in this photo as well, it would surely take more than a whole day's worth of time for me to hike all of this!
Such a Beautiful sky, Have a Nice Day/Evening, and
🐟Steem-on!🐢 @steemfuzzy

I love that side of the lake. You're not supposed to pick them...but there are tons of wild strawberries that side...

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This is just breathtaking! Started following you for your awesome posts and pictures ^_^ will surely look forward for more from you. Steem on!

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buena publicacion me gusta felicidades

What beautiful pictures.. thanks for sharing!

Lake in the Rocky Mountains. The water is clean and the scenery is very beautiful.

really nice

beautiful is photo

wow. the sky and the lake really stands out. nice. perfectly captured.

Have you been to the spotted lake near osoyoos? If you come out this way anytime I can show you plenty of great views. Driving wrecker I get to travel and find all the back road off the beaten path.

Indeed! A breathtaking view! Nice, I wish I could go there~someday :)



This is breathtaking. Everytime I look at it a new detail jumps out at me

there are a lot of values and shades of green in there, running the gamut from warm to cool...

Amazing pics @steemfuzzy

It's amazing, a rare sight is found.

Very refreshing and relaxing view. It is great view @steemfuzzy

Nice picture brother.
Please come to my blog...

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This place is awesome! Wow!

The view is just so amazing. I'll love to visit the lake

so wonderfull land 😍 @steemfuzzy

Amazing Photograph Really very relax feel see this photo.
Thanks For Sharing @steemfuzzy

This is stunning! I expected to see something wonderful today. Much obliged, @steemfuzzy! thanku so much

This is beautiful and relaxing. I love the angle too... The way you picked the meadow, mountain side and river

It's just beautiful


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its so beautiful, I've never seen like this.
Iam From Indonesia

see you..

The lake is very breautiful.I like this.

Very beautiful. I like it.
And thanks for the translation. Subscribe to your blog

waw, very interesting photo continue to work friend

Wow, i like
Beatiful photography

amazing photo, great shot @steemfuzzy !!!

Wish to travel here.
Thanks @steemfuzzy for sharing such a nice photography.

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Wow! This is awesome! :)

very beautiful ......

very beautiful scenery.

Thanks @steemfuzzy.
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wow, amazing place. thanks @steemfuzzy

Very beautiful @steemfuzzy

its edited with software? why so beatifull fhoto.

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Beautiful scenery. Thanks @steemfuzzy for the wallet drop. Upvoted and followed

Gorgeous! I grew up close to Canada. Visiting the Canadian Rockies would be amazing!

A spectacular photograph, with vibrant colors and sharpness. Congratulations. Thanks for posting. Upvoted and followed