#ColorChallenge MondayRed: "The Red Queen"

in #colorchallenge5 years ago (edited)


Remember the mean Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland? "Off with their heads!" I was exploring with different camera lenses in side a 3D sphere I made, and found this scene. It's sort of the Red Queen as a spider! I see her lacy collar in the middle, her big red headdress at top center, and big hoop-style dress below. She's making her entrance by pushing open the red doors at left and right. I like to find and imagine things that weren't intended!

This art was previously posted by me on Twitter and Instagram. Here are links to my accounts:
Twitter: http://twitter.com/spherical_art
Instagram: http://instagram.com/sphericalart

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Let me know what you think!


Love the curvy lines. Yes looks like a spider

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