September sunset and Anna sun by Walk the moon.

in colorchallenge •  3 months ago


Shot these pictures from my home a couple of days ago. A wonderful colourshow - northern Norway at its best.


Today I would like to share a classic indie gem - Anna sun by Walk the moon, probably more known for the hit Shut up and dance.

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First photo is incredibly great!

You are a brilliant photographer @solbadans. I really like your all photography. I also captured sunset some days before. I will share it with you soon. :)

The nature created a wave of peacefulness right there interesting shots you shared great to see that :D

Thanks for the photos and for the beautiful song, Daniel ! @solbadans

Recently has found this video.
I wonder what it says?

Absolutely beautiful.

What a beautiful view!
It's very rare to catch this natural click, You have done a great job Daniel

Wow @solbadans this is really awesome thanks for making me smile again.

Wow an awesome views buddy :)

Lovely shots

how beautiful your photography is. I am amazed by the photos you do, thank you for sharing

I love the orange color the sun is making on the clouds.
Perfect capture.

Awesome photography sir you are so lucky to get the great view.

Amazing sunset pictures.

Wow! What a beautiful view of the sunset. I am loving it. You were lucky to be there to enjoy this amazing call of nature.

Thanks for bringing amazing pictures from norway.

sunset is very beautiful,really amazing photography friend @solbadans

Cheerful September! It's a very beautiful moment @solbadans!

Wao such a fabulous photography,sunset looks so natural and beautiful,the sun is coming,Very impressive views,I always like your great posts,and very interesting dance video,thanks for sharing,

Sunset photography is very beautiful. Fresh and natural Sunset. The red sun in the morning of the twilight, the red sun set At the end of the day, the activities surrounding the surroundings. It is another kind of calmness to come down in nature. Thank you so much for sharing with us.