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Today's post celebrates a superfood from Brazil:

Some of you may have heard of it, or maybe have tried it blended in a smoothie. If not, listen up as you may find it an interesting addition to your health routine. Touted as an antioxidant-rich berry, it provides a chockful of great benefits including immune system booster, digestive aid, and improves mental and cognitive function. Similar to the challenge of easily finding indigo colored foods, açai berries are difficult to find in fruit form outside of the boundaries of the Amazon. However, if you look and ask around, you may be able to source it in pureed and frozen form.

Stay tuned for the link to a simple, yummy starter recipe...
Thanks for stopping by, and until next time!

Cheers, @shalala

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Good thoughts


Thanks @socbeteterp!

I can't wait to acaiii the recipe.