#ColorChallenge (Sky Blue Friday) - Chefchaouen, the Blue City

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This is my entry for the #colorchallenge Sky Blue Friday

I have so many good things to say about Chefchaouen, but I would say the best thing about it is the absolute serenity. There's nothing better than climbing up the winding steps all the way to the top of the old town (as pictured below), stopping by a little cafe and having a refreshing pot of peppermint tea which is amazing by the way!

Sellers don't hassle you here. Unlike Morocco, street traders will let you happily gaze upon their wares without demanding money or at least hassling you to buy something else. People quietly go about their business, walking in the town square or just wandering around. Usually even tourists are quiet; stunned almost; by the sheer wondrous beauty that is Chefchaeoun.

The Blue Pearl - Chefchaouen, Morocco




🌏 | Chefchaouen, Morocco
📷 | Samsung S8
🎨 | Lightroom Mobile edits used

Look out for Asia content coming up real soon. My trip starts in a couple of weeks and I cannot wait to be sharing all my contents and adventures with all of you followers and everyone on Steemit.

Please do follow if you want to see more <3

Much love, everybody.

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The beauty of this photography is that in first picture blue sky is captured and in second picture there is white clouds.


I know right! It was absolutely stunning when I went and I hope to share more photos with you :) I've followed you, you have fantastic photos too!

nice clicks..

This is awesome


Thanks so much @malek.issa :)

This pic looks like,
Their is an blue sno w fall was done and it was looking very beautiful.


Haha that kinda works I guess, a blue snowfall would be something beautiful.

Oh my gosh this is beautiful! I have seen some incredible shots of Morocco but this may be at the top of the list!

Follow and an Upvote From me!


Aww that means so much @annemariemay, your photos are gorgeous too. Followed and upvoted back!

Beautiful fotos. I think you were comparing the serenity and no haggling from vendors with Marrakech - right? I love the color coded town but I have never been to this one. Thanks for sharing.


Yes exactly, like Marrakech and Fes - Fes was even worse and I felt slightly more in danger there actually. But overall it was a beautiful place with some lovely people. Glad you enjoyed it, friend.


I did not go to Fes but like you I thought the people were very friendly.

I would say your post has been a great post. Because you tried to write everything beautifully. And the pictures are amazingly beautiful.


Thanks man, I do try and write as eloquently as I can! Glad you enjoy it.

@seetheworld.sgp hello 👋 sir, asome, beautiful, amazing,, OMG It's all about Blue and Blue color, from home to street, sky, everything is blue color, I think Pura is a place of blue color, when you picked up pictures, what a feeling you were, a great place, color combination They look very nice

Upvote comments follow,


Pura! I'll keep an eye out for that place, thanks very much for the information and I'm glad you liked the content :)


@seetheworld.sgp Thank you so much for you @seetheworld.sgp sir. You've liked my content, I am very happy, a new member at Ami steemit, big people like us tried to learn a lot from it.


We'll grow and become whales soon with great content!


@seetheworld.sgp sir,,, You're right, but the road to whales is not so straightforward. I think sir, I think there is no whore in life, I can not earn from steemit, I do not understand anything steemit, but try To do something

Beauty on the streets!


Blue on the streets!

Wow... awesome.. at first i thought it was rio, brazil... so Africa's got beautiful places like this... awesome


Where in Rio? I need to find this place :D

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What a beautiful city, it’s my best!!!!


You've been before??

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cool shot,cover India in your Asia Trip :)


Ooo I will give it a try! So far the countries are as follows: Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Japan. If might save India and Nepal for a seperate trip but we'll see :D


long list,make it separate trip for India,Nepal and Bhutan :)

very cool photo love the lightning and the colors behind it


Thank you :)


most welcome :))

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Thanks for sharing the photos @seetheworld.sgp

Wonderful city from Morocco

Enjoy your time there along with Family



Thanks, I'm wasn't here with my family but I'm glad you enjoyed anyway :)


No stress ... it was just a thought that it might be cool to share that with Family @seetheworld.sgp

Feel free to checkout my music via dsound & dtube if you feel like



I will do tomorrow, :D

Que hermosa tonalidad del color, me encantó la primera y el contraste con el azul del cielo! Genial toma! Saludos!


Not sure what this means @marifer13 but I'll google translate it :D Thanks!

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Wow wonderful Friday for sky blue


Friday! :D

very nice

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Blue is my favourite colour


Its mine too!

Fabulous picture, wonderful colours!


Thanks so much!!

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I also love to travel and like to taste different food stuff but your description regarding your travelling experiences, is so cool. This is really incredible.
I think all the people here who have love for travelling, must share their experiences and must follow each other, therefore, we will have some tips for our next trip to anywhere in the world for fun. Please guys, work while staying as a community to work together.
Love for all around the world.
Also Follow me @momimalhi
Thanks for sharing such awesome work. Keep doing such incredible work.
Cheers buddy!!!

First of all I looked at the pictures. They all are so amazing that when i tried to pronunciate "Chefchaouen", my tongue stuck.
These glimpses of Morocco are creating a fantasy world in my mind. What a beauty. Please add more of such pics.
Your explanation is also very fascinating. If pictures are amazing, writing too is awesome. I love to read such posts which are @originalworks
Excellent work #steemian.


Tell me about it, its a difficult name to say! But say it like this: Chef-sho-en and you can easily pronounce it :)