Color challenge Monday red - Pomegranate flowers.

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Hello all... !!!
This post is my contribution to the #colorchallenge contest hosted by @kalemandra. Hope you guys like it.


Camera Smartphone Xiaomi redmi note 4x + macro lens.

This is a picture of pomegranate flowers that have not bloomed, flowers that are still in the form of buds with a very bright red color.

Today is the red Monday, a day full of passionate color. May you be happy even wherever you are.

Thank you for your support and please follow me @rizasukma.

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great shot by the way, I didn't know pomegranate is flower before


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Pomegranate trees are self-productive, which implies the blooms on the pomegranate are both male and female. Pollinating creepy crawlies and hummingbirds help with spreading the dust from blossom to bloom. You can even help as well, by utilizing a little brush and delicately brushing from blossom to sprout. Male pomegranate blossoms tumble off normally as do un-treated female sprouts, while prepared female blooms stay to wind up organic product. Vermin – Pomegranate trees start to blossom in May and proceed through early pre-winter. On the off chance that your pomegranate blossoms tumble off in late-winter, the guilty party might be creepy crawly pervasion, for example, whitefly, scale or mealybugs. Investigate the tree for harm and counsel your neighborhood nursery or a proposal in regards to the utilization of bug spray. Malady – Another conceivable explanation behind pomegranate bloom drop might be because of a contagious infection or root decay. A hostile to contagious splash ought to be connected and once more, the nearby nursery can help with this. Ecological – The tree may drop blooms because of cool temperatures also, so it is a smart thought to ensure or move the tree if a chill is in the conjecture. At long last, despite the fact that the tree is dry spell safe, regardless it needs a decent profound watering on the off chance that you need it to create organic product. Too little water will make the blooms drop from the tree.


Thank you very much for this very helpful comment. Good luck always for you.